Practice Areas

Commercial Law

Entrepreneurs are looking for dependable startup speaking lawyers to meet and address their complex growing commercial matters from the very beginning of the startup formation through building it into a scale-up and beyond. And as we speak startup and our main goal is to help you grow, we can provide you with full assistance in relation to all your commercial legal matters, from establishing and structuring your company to building legal strategies for all your complex national and international legal matters.

We can help you make changes in the corporate status of your company, accept new partners, raise the capital, draft commercial contracts, shareholders agreements, partnership contracts with investors, etc.

Data Protection Law

Our interdisciplinary approach in information security is focusing on trade secrets and personal data protection. In the last few years, we have been primarily focused on and acquired in-depth knowledge of the ever-evolving personal data protection regulations, aiming at helping you identify and avoid any potential issues before they arise or become problematic.

We have also been following the latest global tech trends in the modern legal data protection services to provide you with careful blends of legal-tech-savvy advice that can best suit your organization structure. We can draft you all kinds of documents, including internal data privacy policies, website privacy policies, non-disclosure agreements, and other information security contractual instruments.

IT Law

Almost every business is now a digital business. The challenge is applying technology to its fullest potential in any organization while complying with the law at the same time. Understanding the range of laws that apply to IT companies requires a wide breadth of knowledge and long practical experience.

We have gained them during the years of hard work with our clients. We have been drafting general terms and conditions, intellectual property policies, making compliance reviews, representing them in domain dispute resolutions and contracting. We can help you as well.


Although our approach in providing legal assistance to our clients is to avoid court procedures, our passion is litigation. Our team has a broad successful experience in protecting the interests of our clients before all court instances and administrative authorities.

We perform a preliminary analysis of the relevant dispute and thorough research of all the applicable Bulgarian and international legislation and court practices, aiming at offering you an optimal manner for its resolution and advise you on the best strategies to protect and defend your legal rights. After that, you can also fully rely on us to competently represent you before court.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property and its effective protection can mean life-or-death for an emerging service or product. Without the effective means of enforcing intellectual property rights, innovation and creativity are discouraged and investment diminished.

In this respect, the means of enforcing intellectual property rights are of paramount importance for your success. With our expertise and experience, we can ensure that your intellectual assets are contributing to your business success and assist you in developing everything from trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and more.

Labor Law

Human capital is now recognized as a strategic enabler, aimed at delivering sustainable organizational change and enhancing business performance. The field of human resources management is greatly influenced and shaped by the state laws governing employment issues.

We can help you create the proper framework to motivate your employees as well as to protect the company from issues down the road. We can explain to you and draft labor contracts, employee classifications, incentive plans, internal labor rules, termination agreements.

Immigration Law

Obtaining a visa or permit can be a tedious process – especially for tech entrepreneurs and employees who are racing against the clock. We can provide you with best practices and explain how to avoid common pitfalls and meet key deadlines critical to hiring foreign nationals and maintaining them in legal status.

We have helped startups remain compliant with the labyrinth of complex immigration rules successfully assisting them in preparing the necessary paperwork and submitting the relevant applications in order to ensure smooth and timely arrival of their employees in Bulgaria.


Blockchains could shape the law as much as law shapes them. “Smart contracts may or may not transform the world, but they provide real benefits and seem likely to enjoy significant adoption over time. They represent the mature end of the evolution of electronic agreements over several decades” (Kevin Werbach and Nicolas Cornell).

We provide legal services to ensure states of preparedness for entrepreneurs, businesses and investors, help them identify and prevent potential legal risks, draft white papers, actively communicate with the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, as well as other international regulatory authorities, ensure regulatory compliance.


Thanks to the dawn of technology and technological innovation people’s lives have changed dramatically, including in the way we buy products and services. Internet has led to the boom of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce), thus making the online users an ever-increasing number of the overall “consumers” of goods and services globally. Online security and consumer protection are therefore evolving.

We can help you with drafting of general terms and conditions, advise you on the technical and organizational measure for meeting with the present and upcoming new legislation, and help you with all other consumer matters arising.

Competition law

Competition law can shape your strategic perspectives and business operations while hiding increasing risks of penalties from regulatory authorities if not complied with.

We can help you anticipate and manage these complex problems at an early stage. We can adopt legally sound solutions, advise and represent you in and out of court in matters relating to competition law. Our team encompasses practical experience in matters regarding the legality of advertising measures, loyal competition practices, and other particular competition law matters.


Mediation is an informal process for helping people resolve a dispute themselves without going to court. A mediator is a neutral third person who encourages the parties to talk to each other and examine their real problems. The mediator is not an advice-giver or decision-maker. Parties create themselves and agree upon an outcome that meets their needs and addresses their concerns.

Because of all those advantages of the mediation, we always advise our clients to at least try to resolve the dispute amicably before going to court. Avoiding long-lasting court procedures and associated costs is among our main purposes. We can counsel you throughout the mediation as your attorney, or take the neutral mediator’s position, or just explain to you the process if you are only interested in an initial consultation.

Anti-Money Laundering

The boom of technologies has led to an increasing world sensitivity in terms of financial crimes. Thus, regulatory authorities have been adopting legislative acts and measures with regard to anti-money laundering (“AML”) and combating the financing of terrorism (“CFT”).

We can help you prepare AML internal policies, advise you on the applicable recommendations and instructions of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and Financial Action Task Force (FATF), help you with the disclosure of ultimate beneficial owners before the Commercial Register, and advise you on all other matters concerning AML/CFT.