Declaration for urgency of travel

Today, 21.03.2020, Order № RD-01-143/20.03.2020 of the Minister of Health entered into force (“Order”). The Order was adopted on the grounds of Art. 63, para. 1 of the Health Act, on the occasion of the state of emergency in the Republic of Bulgaria, declared on 13.03.2020 by a Decision of the National Assembly.

The Order instructs the authorities to organize checkpoints at the entrances/exits of the regional cities and to check the purpose of travel of citizens. Passing through checkpoints will only be allowed to persons in case of urgency of the trip required for work, health reasons of the traveler or his relatives, return to his current or permanent address.

The necessity of passing of the persons who are required to work in the city shall be certified by an official declarationfrom the employer or other official document.

(Updated) At 3pm on 21.03.2020, the Ministry of the Interior published an official template of the declaration, which you can download here. The entire press release of the Ministry of Interior can be found here.     

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